We were born on may 8th 2009 as a Company dedicated to give answer to the region residents questions on construction and maintenance matters.

from our beginnings we acquire the vision to be a Company known and recognize for our great works and seriousness in fulfilling them always with a firm commitment in contributing to development.




Our workers need to be honest first of all to themselves so that the requirements to supervise their job, can be easier, in that way, they can fulfill their task in a proper way and on time.


Our workers need to be constant and do their best in everything they do, always.


our workers need to be responsible, starting with themselves when using the necessary safety equipment for the well functioning of their task using their time efficiently, with quality at any quantity.


our workers need to conduct their impersonal relationships at any level in a respectful way, so we can have an excellent work environment.



To spread and implement our policy to everyone at any level.
To provide with high quality goods and services that meet our client┬┤s requirements and expectations.
To define every employee┬┤s responsibilities and authority.
To train and give the employees the proper knowledge and information, to allow them improve and have a constant growth within the company.

To stablish and maintain a work system that leads to a united and motivated work team that encourages and assures the constant improvement of individuals and the enterprise.

To increase and maintain our interaction with the state of Chihuahua, in the public and private initiatives.

Constantly trained in terms of safety and work protocols outline high risk.

Our organization system